Dan Fogelberg – Longer


Longer than,there’ve been
fishs in the ocean,
higher than,any bird ever flew.
longer than,there’ve been stars
up in the heavens.
I’ve been in love with you.
(I am in love with you)
stronger than,any mountain cathedral,
true than, any tree ever grew,
deeper than,any forest primeval
I am in love with you.
I’ll bring fire in the winters,
you’ll send showers in the spring,
we’ll fly through the falls and
summers,with love on our wings.
though the years,as the fire stars
to mellow,buning line in the book of
our lives.
though the binding cracks, and the
pages start to yellow.
I’ll been in love with you.
I’ll been in love with you.


This is a song I learn from a DJ, named Winnie Yu, when I was in Form 1. It’s a song I grow up with…

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