Friends to be…

I doubt it,  I doubt it..
Some-times we take for granted
Our friend who’s always there
We fail to tell them how we feel
But yet they know we care.

The only time I seem to call
Is when I’m in a mess
Every-time I ask for help
You answer always yes

You are my road, when I’m lost
You are my strength, when I can’t take anymore

A friend will always be there
It’s like breathing the finest air
They will pick you up if you shall fall
They will help you through it all, no matter how big or how small
But then, a friend is also someone who will always be,
A person you think and care of so tenderly,
And whether you’re with him or you’re miles apart,
He’ll always be a friend that you treasures, with all of your heart.

There’s a lot of words in which to define a friend,
Gift from God, a precious gem, a treasure from heaven,
As different persons, we have different views too,
But for me, a FRIEND simply means…YOU!

For all buddies in my life…now and then 

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