About who?

I had locked the door upon my heart
And tossed the key as far as I could,
Thinking love would never enter again,
Convincing my heart was stoned as it should.
Then you came into my life one day
I felt something strange as I look into your eyes
My heartbeats are no longer the same
My mind is filled up with your face
I get butterflies when you look at me
I try not to blush, so you cannot see
Discovering how to make you smile,
and subjects to avoid is a challenge to me.
I’ve felt more the past few months,
that i thought i could ever see.
Just when I thought that my key was lost
Unsurprisingly, you had it all along

About Ellen 羊, 阿羊, 羊咩, lamblamb, 大頭羊, ellen lamb, Ellen Young

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