Really like to know…

It must be crazy…
It’s over a hundred days now
Wondering what’s wrong with myself 
That keeps you in my thoughts.
I do not see you
I do not hear you
I do not talk to you
But you’re always on my mind.
Is it the sunrise each morning?
The scent of your hair?
The thoughts of your smile?
Or the sunsets
that were meant for us to share?

Our relationship crashed
Before it ever reached the finished line
We have moved on with our lives though…
My heart still painfully squeezes 
At the slightest sound of your voice
Your name on a computer screen
Your telephone number on my phone
Or just a simple thought of you.
What is it all about that keeps you in my thoughts
Day in and day out…
So tell me, what is it about you???
I would really like to know!!!
Summer 2004

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