A Year Ago

A year ago I never knew I would be loved again
But a year ago you were sent back to me from nowhere
A year ago I never knew love from hate
But a year ago you taught me to always be brave
A year ago I never knew you would be mine once again
But a year ago I saw you smiled with tears in my eyes
A year ago I was so loathing to see your pictures
But these hands of mine couldnt seem cool to tear them apart
A year ago I said I hated you and I said I over-rated you
But the truth is, dear, i still love you yet with a broken heart
A year ago i was so defeated when you broke your promise to never break my heart
But I’m not lying anytime when i say I love you
A year ago was the first time I shivered terribly when you held my hand
And doubting if your soul was mine to keep
A year ago was the first time you held me in your embrace
And I didnt know if it was safe for me to stay
A year ago was the first time i looked in your eyes
And I saw a rebirth light for me to follow
A year ago I vowed to myself to always be strong to hold your hands and never leave your side
And I will be with you through thick and thin, better and worse, and happy and sorrow
And cherish every moment it will be
And have been I pray everyday that we would never part again
And I promise you forever there’ll be a place in my heart for you and only you.
Happy anniversary, my love.
July 24, 2002

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